1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (2024)

1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (1)

This complete 1-99 osrs construction guide contains every method you can use to get 99 as fast as possible.

Construction is a buyable skill. This means that in order to advance in construction, you need to put in money. You should not consider getting 99 construction if you don’t at least have 150m to throw away.

1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (2)If you are an ironman, please check out our Dedicated Ironman Construction Guide

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1Why you should train construction in OSRS

1.1Quests that require construction level

1.2Useful rooms to have in your P-O-H

3Carpenter’s Outfit OSRS

4OSRS Construction Guide – The Cheap way

4.1Levels 1 – 33 Construction: Chairs

4.2Levels 33 – 74 Construction: Oak Larders

4.3Levels 74 – 99 Construction: Oak Dungeon Doors

4.4Alternative Levels 66 – 99 Construction: Teak Garden Benches

51 – 99 construction guide – The fastest way

5.1Levels 52 – 99 Construction: Mahogany Tables

5.2Alternative: Levels 77 – 99 Construction: Gnome Benches

6NEW Cheapest way to train Construction: Mahogany Homes

7More osrs skilling guides

Why you should train construction in OSRS

Construction is a useful skill for anyone who wants to progress in OSRS. For example, there are a bunch of quests that require a specific construction level with the highest being Song of the Elves (70 construction required).

Additionally, construction can be extremely helpful when bossing in OSRS. For example, to fight Corporeal Beast, having a fancy rejuvenation pool (requiring 85+ construction) is highly recommended to restore your stats and special attack. Other useful rooms included the gilded altar (prayer training) and the Portal Nexus.

Quests that require construction level

QuestConstruction level Required
Darkness of the hallowvale5
The eyes of glouphrie5
Tower of life10
The Fremennik Isles20
Getting Ahead26
The great brain robbery30
Cold war35
Making friends with my arm35
Dragon slayer 250
Song of the elves70

The highest construction level required for a quest is level 70 for Song of the Elves. You can get to level 70 construction for about 7-8M using Oak Larders.

Useful rooms to have in your P-O-H

Construction levelRoomFunctionality
45ChapelGilded altar (75 construction required) can give you 350% prayer experience when both burners are lit.
50Portal ChamberIf you have the required magic level for the teleport you can add portals to different locations.
65 Superior GardenFairy ring/spirit tree teleportation, of course you need to have completed the required quests
Pools can restore stats depending on their level (Special attack, Run energy, prayer, stat restore, hitpoints, anti-poison)
72Portal NexusUp to 30 teleports available at 92 construction
Xeric talisman/digsite pendant teleport
80Achievement gallerySpellbook-switching altars (90 construction for all three)
Jewellery box (ring of dueling, games necklace, combat bracelet, skills necklace, glory, ring of wealth)

Banking & butlers

1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (3)

From levels 1 – 40 you’ll want to stick to the base location of Rimmington. This is because next to the portal, in the general store an NPC named Phials can un-note your items for you. You should bring cash as he charges 5 coins per un-noted item.

Once you reach level 40 construction, you can get a butler which will go to the bank for you.


1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (4)

Butlers are essential for the fast experience rates I will be summing up below. These can run to the bank to get your planks for you. Butlers can be hired in Ardougne. They need a place to sleep so you will need to have two bedrooms in your house.

Regular Butler

  • 12 seconds to bank
  • 20 items per trip
  • 5K every 8 trips

Demon Butler

  • 7.2 seconds to bank
  • 26 items per trip
  • 10k every 8 trips

One of the most annoying things about every other osrs construction guide you’ll find is that the pricing is never accurate. Youtubers simply plug the data into a calculator and that’s the price they use. This is not accurate as they are not calculating the extra cost of the butler that comes in. A butler speeds up your exp rates tremendously, especially a demon butler but for some methods it will cost you over 30M GP more to use one.

Carpenter’s Outfit OSRS

1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (5)

Thanks to the August 26th update of the new construction activity: Mahogany Homes, we now have a construction outfit in OSRS. Go fashionscape.

The carpenter’s outfit, just like every other skilling outfit in osrs, gives you a 2.5% exp boost while training construction. This can save you a lot of money and time while training construction so it’s recommended you go for the outfit if you plan to get 99 construction.

The carpenter’s outfit can only be obtained from the mahogany homes reward shop. Mahogany Homes is a contracting activity where you do jobs all around Gielinor to train your construction. In return, you get construction experience and carpenter reward points.

With these reward points, you can buy different pieces of the outfit, the full carpenter’s outfit will cost you 2000 reward points.

OSRS Construction Guide – The Cheap way

This method is still viable and has fast experience rates but for the cheapest construction experience, you should be doing Mahogany Homes. [Click Here] to skip to Mahogany Homes.

1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (6)

The cheapest way to 99 construction will cost you around 130-160M to get from levels 1 – 99. The price depends on the butler (regular or demon) and the method used.

I will include a beginner EXP rate and a click-perfect EXP rate for every method.

Levels 1 – 33 Construction: Chairs

From levels 1 – 33 construction, you should make chairs in the Parlour room. Always make the highest level chair possible. These construction levels will fly by!

LevelsFurnitureActionsMaterials Needed💰 Price
1 – 8Crude Wooden Chairs1428 planks/28 steel nails7,748 GP
8 – 19Wooden Chairs46138 planks/138 steel nails38,364 GP
19 – 26Oak Chairs73146 oak planks65,116 GP
26 – 33Oak Armchair102306 oak planks136,476 GP

📍 Room: Parlour

💰 Total Cost: 250k

Levels 33 – 74 Construction: Oak Larders

These levels will be spent making Oak Larders in the kitchen. This is the cheapest way to get 74 construction (excluding Mahogany Homes) while still very quick!

Additional Info: You should hire a butler at level 40 Construction.

LevelsFurnitureActionsMaterials Needed💰 Price
33 – 47Oak Larders2.24617,986 Oak Planks 8,021,756 GP

📍 Room: Kitchen

💰 Total cost: 8M + 3.7M butler

Levels 74 – 99 Construction: Oak Dungeon Doors

At Level 74 construction you unlock the ability to make Oak Dungeon Doors in your dungeon room. This training method will get you exp rates of up to 500k per hour and will cost you a grand total of 100M to reach 99 construction.

LevelsFurnitureActionsMaterials Needed📊 EXP Rate💰 Price
74 – 99Oak Dungeon Doors19,897198,970 Oak Planks400 – 500k/hr88,740,620 GP

📍 Room: Dungeon/treasure room

💰 Total cost: 88M + 12M demon butler = 100M

Alternative Levels 66 – 99 Construction: Teak Garden Benches

If you want a method that is slightly faster than Oak Dungeon Doors but costs 21M more, you can make Teak Garden benches instead for EXP rates up to 750k per hour. Getting 99 Construction using this method will cost a grand total of 121M.

LevelsFurnitureActionsMaterials Needed📊 EXP Rate💰 Price
66 – 99Teak Garden benches23,219139,314 Teak Planks500 – 750k/hr114,516,108 GP

📍 Room: Super Garden

💰 Total cost: 114M + 7.2M demon butler = 121.2M

1 – 99 construction guide – The fastest way

1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (7)

The absolute fastest way to 99 construction requires you to have a demon butler and near-perfect clicks. This method will also cost you almost double what you would pay for the cheapest way.

Levels 52 – 99 Construction: Mahogany Tables

For the fastest way to 99 construction, you should follow our cheapest method first up until 52 construction at which point you will switch to making Mahogany Tables all the way until you reach 99 construction.

You will use a demon butler while doing this method. Base EXP rates are around 600k exp per hour but with perfect clicks, you can achieve up to 900k experience per hour.

LevelsFurnitureActionsMaterials Needed📊 EXP Rate💰 Price
77 – 99Mahogany Tables15,37092,220 Mahogany Planks600k – 900k/hr 189,788,760 GP

📍 Room: Kitchen

💰 Total cost: 190M + 10M demon butler

⏳ Using this training method, you can achieve 99 construction in under 20 hours.

Alternative: Levels 77 – 99 Construction: Gnome Benches

For this method to work out, you need a demon butler and you need to have perfect clicks. This method only works if you don’t leave room for mistakes. You’ll need a superior garden in your house and you need to make two tables at the same time. If your clicks are perfect you’ll be done building every time your butler comes back.

LevelsFurnitureActionsMaterials Needed📊 EXP Rate💰 Price
77 – 99Gnome Bench20,641123,846 Mahogany Planks900k – 1.1M/hr254,875,068 GP

📍 Room: Superior Garden

💰 Total cost: 255M + 6.5M demon butler

⏳ Using this training method, you can achieve 99 construction in under 15 hours.

Hopefully, this 1-99 osrs construction guide was useful. Since plank prices will keep changing, you can use the construction calculator to calculate these. Though the total price will always be within 10-20m of the prices listed here. Good luck!

NEW Cheapest way to train Construction: Mahogany Homes

With the arrival of Mahogany Homes, players can train their construction a lot cheaper than before. No to mention it is more fun than the conventional methods of training construction where you spend all your time in your own P-O-H.

With Mahogany homes, you get contracting jobs for different NPC’s homes in Gielinor. To get started with this, you should speak to Amy in Falador (she’s located next to the Falador Realtor). She will assign you a job depending on your construction level. The higher level you are, the more experience and reward points you’ll get.

TierReward ptsPlanksExp/hrExp rate with Plank Sack
Beginner1Normal Planks30k40k
Novice2Oak Planks65k80k
Adept3Teak Planks120k140k
Expert4Mahogany Planks200k220k

With Mahogany Homes, you will get WAY more experience out of every plank you use.

Here’s a table showing exactly how much you can save!

Mahogany HomesRegular Construction
1 Regular Plank3.1 Regular Planks
1 Oak Plank2.9 Oak Planks
1 Teak Plank3 Teak Planks (2.2 teak planks if using mythical capes)
1 Mahogany Plank2.4 Mahogany Planks

On top of that, you don’t ever have to pay for nails at Mahogany homes. Once again, saving you money. And finally, Mahogany homes has exciting rewards (e.g. the carpenter’s outfit) but also supply crates that give you back some of the tools you put in!

If you wish to train construction with Mahogany Homes, I suggest you check out our Complete Mahogany Homes Guide.

In our Guide, you will learn how Mahogany Homes works as well as the most efficient method and some useful tips & tricks.

Not sure what to put in your house, or what layout it should be? My efficient Layout Guide will help you further.

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1 - 99 OSRS Construction Guide (FAST/CHEAP) - OSRS Guide (2024)


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