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Smithing as a skill primarily serves as support for melee. Early on it can provide weapons and armour, later on masterwork armour and armour spikes.


  • 1 Equipment
  • 2 Training the skill
    • 2.1 1-10 Bronze
    • 2.2 10-30 Iron and steel
    • 2.3 30-40 Mithril
    • 2.4 40-99 Burial sets
    • 2.5 Spending respect
  • 3 Milestone rewards

Equipment[edit | edit source]

This is a condensed version of Pay-to-play Smithing training#Useful items. Note that improving progress speed will also improve experience per hour.

Blacksmith's outfitEach piece of the blacksmith's outfit increases Smithing experience by 1%. Wearing a full set will give an extra 1% bonus experience, for 6% bonus experience in total. The helmet add-on also gives a 1% chance to get double bars while smelting and adds a teleport option to the Artisans' Workshop.Respect (Artisans' Workshop). XP-wise this is the best investment per respect.Experience, resources
Varrock armourGives a chance for bonus bars while smelting and double progress while smithing. 1 unlocks a 4% bonus for bronze, iron and steel. 2 unlocks a 3% bonus for mithril and adamant. 3 unlocks a 2% bonus for rune, orikalkum and necrite. 4 unlocks a 1% bonus for bane and elder rune. With the New Varrock achievements these effects can be provided without needing to wear the armour as well as doubling the effectiveness.Varrock achievements, New Varrock achievementsResources, progress
Smelting gauntletsSmelted bars are automatically sent to the metal bank.Family Crest rewardOther
Scroll of efficiencyFor every bar used while smithing this gives a 2% chance to return it.Bought for 20,000 at 55 and .Resources
Crystal hammerGives a 1% chance for double progress while smithing.Sing a crystal tool seed with 80 or 7,500.Progress
Invention perksRequires a hammer-tron or an augmented crystal hammer. Tinker perk is an all around boost to progress, the rapid perk makes progress a lot faster but also makes smithing more active, and the breakdown perk provides some free components while smithing.

Additionally, Wise can be put on an offhand for up to 4% additional experience for a limited time per day.

22 for augmented tools, 95 (unboostable) and 85 for ancient tool gizmo shells.
  • Tinker: progress
  • Rapid: progress
  • Breakdown: resources
  • Wise: experience
Superheat FormMakes smelting speed 1 tick faster (reducing the time per bar from 2.4/1.8 seconds to 1.8/1.2 seconds) and heat levels impact smithing speed less, making smithing less active. The grace of the elves necklace halves the prayer drain rate.The Light Within and 91 Other
Perfect juju smithing potionGives a 5% chance to double progress for 1 hour per dose (4 hours per dose of perfect plus potion).82 to add harmony moss to a juju hunter potion (3) or 99 to add harmony moss, a crystal tree blossom and an overload (4) to a crystal flask to make the perfect plus potion.Progress
Powerburst of masterstrokeMultiplies progress by 10 for the next 4 swings (30 second limit) on a 2 minute cooldown.108 (boostable) and 106 (unboostable) to create.Progress
Smithing autoheater/Advanced smithing autoheaterAdds 30%/60% heat when heat runs out at the cost of 5/50 coal. Useful for smithing with minimal inputs.Bought for 4,000/40,000 at 35/70 and .
UrnsProvide 20% extra smithing experience, or 25% with an urn enhancer, but only for smelting bars or corrupted ore. Smelting is a very small percentage of experience while making burial sets so this is primarily useful for corrupted ore.4, 17, 35, 49, 80 respectively.Experience
Smithing capeGives double progress whenever at full heat.99 Progress
Orthen furnace coreGives free resources, makes Breakdown give 5% bonus experience for 5 minutes (making this more efficient than an off-hand with Wise if the buff can be maintained), stops superheat form from draining prayer points and gives the scroll of efficiency a 2.5% chance to return bars instead of 2%.Made at 99 and 102 with a number of resources (see page) including 200 tarromin incense sticks and vital sparks (88 ).Resources, experience
Inspire GeniusPlayers with level 118 Archaeology can activate the Inspire Genius relic power at the mysterious monolith for a 2% experience increase to experience in smithing.118 required. Costs 5,000 chronotes and 250 relic power to swap in.Experience

Training the skill[edit | edit source]

The smithing skill is straightforward to train. Making the highest level armour and turning it into burial armour is generally the best way to gain experience. Always train at the Artisans' Workshop for the respect and possibly the luminite injector buff (often active on world 70).

When smithing, it is possible to stock up multiple items in a row to smith by right-clicking the forge.

1-10 Bronze[edit | edit source]

It does not matter which item is smithed in terms of experience, so smith 73 sets of bronze arrowheads or bronze bolts (unf) to help with Fletching. Arrowheads are worth more total Fletching xp than unfinished bolts, but the latter is faster and simpler.

10-30 Iron and steel[edit | edit source]

Smith 79 iron bars and 114 steel bars worth of items. It does not matter for bar efficiency what item is made, but making iron/steel platebody + 1s requires the least activity or make arrowheads/unfinished bolts for fletching. Nails are another useful option that don't drop off in use as quickly as arrowheads.

Alternatively, complete The Knight's Sword to skip most of this.

30-40 Mithril[edit | edit source]

Smith 191 mithril bars worth of items. Again, mithril platebody + 2 will require the least activity.

40-99 Burial sets[edit | edit source]

At this point the eastern half of the Artisans' Workshop opens up, where burial armour can be made. Making burial items improves the experience per bar by 50% at the cost of destroying the item. Making burial sets improves the experience per bar by a further 1.67%-3.33% (depending on the number of solemn smith upgrades bought). Besides orikalkum it is always the most efficient to do the highest level bar.

LevelsBars neededBurial setsOther burial items
40-50248 adamant bars5 adamant burial sets1 adamant burial full helm
50-701744 rune bars18 rune burial sets1 rune burial full helm
70-801648 necronium bars8 necronium burial sets7 necronium burial gauntlets
80-903152 bane bars16 bane burial sets1 bane burial platebody
90-995056 elder rune bars13 elder rune burial sets1 elder rune burial full helm

Making elder rune burial sets from 90 to 99 is faster than bane including mining time. Making elder rune will take about 123 hours and 30mins, where making bane will take about 135 hours and 20 mins.

The above times were calculated using an elder rune +5 pickaxe, A static level of 90 mining and a Strength level of 9 or less for the whole process (for an average of 185 damage per swing). While maintaining 100% stamina when mining and high heat while forging items, while only making complete Burial sets and not using any boosts of any kind including Invention perks, luminate injectors or solemn smith. While starting at exactly 90 Smithing (5,346,332 xp)

Speed comparison table
ActionElder RuneBane
Bars Needed5,3767,328
Mining Ores96.4 hours89.8 hours
Smelting5.3 hours3.7 hours
Forging21.8 hours41.9 hours
Total hours123h 30m135h 20m

Note that due to experience boosts these numbers will likely be too much, use Calculator:Smithing to get a better approximation for the number of bars needed. In general, the optimal strategy is to make the displayed number of burial sets minus 1, and then use other burial items to fill up the rest of the experience to the next metal type.

In the past, corrupted ore provided a decent alternative to bane and elder rune. However, due to nerfs this is no longer the case and it is around half as efficient as bane or elder rune in terms of smithing experience per hour after taking mining into account.

Spending respect[edit | edit source]

The following order gives the biggest experience boost per respect available:

  1. Start with the blacksmith's outfit, including the headgear. This gives extra experience and also extra bars, reducing time mining. This costs 300% respect or 3,000,000 experience.
  2. Get the solemn smith upgrades, increasing experience per bar by 0.33%. This costs 300% respect or 3,000,000 experience.
  3. Get quick repairs and repair expert for some additional experience. This costs 20% respect or 200,000 experience.
  4. Get ceremonial sword orders for 10% additional experience from ceremonial sword random events. This costs 100% respect or 1,000,000 experience.
  5. Get ceremonial swordsmith I-V for 1% additional experience from ceremonial sword random events (multiplicative with the orders upgrade). This costs 150% respect or 1,500,000 experience.
  6. Finally, the remaining upgrades do not affect experience. They are in no particular order:
    • The dwarven cannon upgrades, which also affect the Oldak coil and kinetic cyclone. This costs 250% respect or 2,500,000 experience.
    • The dwarven instinct aura, which gives some free resources. This costs 200% respect or 2,000,000 experience.
    • The cosmetic armour sets which are required for the trimmed completionist cape. This costs 300% respect or 3,000,000 experience.

The total cost for all smithing upgrades is 870% respect or 8,700,000 experience. The remaining articles cost 750% respect for a total of 16,200,000 experience to get everything, not counting bonus and reward experience.

Milestone rewards[edit | edit source]

Every level will also improve smithing rate.

10,20,...,90 Smith your own weapons and tank armour.
90Armour spikes
99Smithing cape for quicker smithing.
99 Masterwork armour

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